What is Geneva Community Power?

Geneva Community Power is a local renewable energy program serving residents and businesses in the NY Finger Lakes region.

Those who enroll will save approximately 10% annually on electricity for up to 25 years by supporting clean energy generation. Once 400 subscribers enroll, Geneva will be awarded $25,000 for storm water control projects benefiting Seneca Lake. If the enrollment goal is met by June 26, the money can be used to apply for $75,000 in NY State matching funds, effectively quadrupling the project scope.

The Town of Geneva and Joule Community Power have partnered to establish the program that allows subscribers to benefit from solar energy by spending less on electricity while supporting clean energy generation.

Why Enroll?

By enrolling in Geneva Community Power, you're:
   (1) reducing your electricity costs by approximately 10% for up to 25 years
   (2) supporting clean renewable energy generation
   (3) reducing your carbon footprint.

By being one of the first 400 subscribers, you're also helping Geneva earn a $25,000 grant that will be directed toward a storm water control project benefiting Seneca Lake!
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Choose Renewable Energy to Help Seneca Lake

Provided that 400 people enroll in Geneva Community Power, the Town of Geneva will receive a $25,000 grant that will be used for a storm water control project. With matching funds from the State through the Water Quality Improvement Program, the Town of Geneva will be able to sponsor a potentially $100,000 watershed project that protects Seneca Lake.
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Spread the Word

Help us reach 400 enrollments to ensure Geneva receives a sustainability grant for a Seneca Lake watershed project.

We’ll help you host a wine-tasting event for your friends, hang flyers in store windows, broadcast our messages over your social media channels, or anything else. We’ll support you in any way you think you can help share our program.
Let us know you want to help

Tell us why you support the Geneva Community Power renewable energy program.

You'll be rewarded with $100 off your bill for every 5 enrollments through our referral program. PLUS, if you top the leaderboard by sharing your personal referral link, you’ll win a $500 gift card.

Invite your friends to a cleaner and cheaper energy future! Let them know how they can:
☀ save money on their electricity bills (~10% for up to 25 years!)
☀ help the environment by supporting clean energy generation
☀ help protect and preserve Seneca Lake