What is Geneva Community Power?

Geneva Community Power is a local renewable energy program serving residents and businesses in the NY Finger Lakes region.

The Town of Geneva and Joule Community Power have partnered to establish the program that allows subscribers to benefit from solar energy by spending less on electricity while supporting clean energy generation.

Cleaner. Cheaper. Better.

By participating in Geneva Community Power, you're (1) reducing your electricity costs, (2) supporting clean renewable energy generation, and (3) reducing Geneva's carbon footprint.

If you wait to sign-up, you run the risk of being shut out. Once all of the generated capacity is subscribed for, enrollment will close.
Your Opinion Matters

Once 400 subscribers have signed up to be part of Geneva Community Energy, the Town of Geneva will receive $25,000 for its next sustainability project. Residents voted (in an online poll) for the initiative they wanted to receive the funding, choosing between:

(1) community-owned distributed generation
(2) home efficiency upgrades
(3) solid waste reduction
(4) storm water control



Spread the Word

Invite your friends to a cleaner and cheaper energy future! Let them know how they can:

☀ save money on their electricity bills
☀ help the environment by supporting clean energy generation
☀ help your town get $25,000 for a sustainability project
☀ cast their vote to have a say in your town’s next project

In return for spreading the word, you’ll get $100 off your electricity bill for every 5 enrolled referrals.

PLUS, top the leaderboard by referring the most subscribers to be named the Geneva Community Power #GCPowerPlayer,and win a $500 gift card.