How Choosing Renewable Energy Helped Seneca Lake



Once 400 subscribers enrolled in Geneva Community Power, Geneva earned a $25,000 sustainability grant for a storm water control project benefiting Seneca Lake!

Learn how $25,000 can be turned into $100,000.

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Storm Water Control

Watershed retention projects control the flow of water upstream so there is less damage downstream and decreased nutrient loading in lakes. Storm water control helps prevent blue-green algae and other water contamination.

Determining how to spend the grant money

In order to decide how to apply the grant award, the Town of Geneva sought input from its residents. Area residents were asked to choose—via an online poll and at informational meetings—between four sustainability project candidates.

The Winner: Storm Water Control

This is what people in the community had to say:

"The lake is the backbone of future economic development."

"Life is water."

"We need to protect the lake and the wildlife that call it home!"

"Clean water is critical!"

"Proper storm water management is critical to Seneca Lake's water quality. Seneca Lake's water quality is critical to the Finger Lakes health and economic well-being. "

"In my opinion, it's the most urgent issue."

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